With the release date of Mass Effect: Andromeda just a couple of months away I decided to look back at the games that came before this highly anticipated game (winner of the 2016 golden joystick award for most wanted game and the 2016 global game award for most anticipated game)

Mass Effect is a science fiction action RPG developed by Bioware (creators of other games such as the Dragonage series, Star Wars: knights of the old republic 1&2, Jade Empire and the mmorpg Star Wars the old republic)

Way back in November of 2007 we created our Commander Shepard. 

Male Shepard voiced by Mark Meer or Female Shepard voiced by Jennifer Hale
The preset options gave you John or Jane Shepard with the soldier career path

For those of you like me who love playing around with character creation, would find the option to pick pre-service history, psychological profile and which class you would like to play as

These options gave some perks, an optional task based on your choice of pre-service history, either bonus Paragon or Renegade points

Once finished with character creation we are introduced to Commander Shepard as they make their way through the ship

(The Normandy is still one of my favourite ships ever)

Reaching the cockpit Shepard engages in Conversation with the pilot Jeff “Joker” Moreau voiced by Seth Green and Kaidan Alenko voiced by Raphael Sbarge 

Kaidan is the first party member you interact with you will later be joined by others human and Alien alike

The captain calls for Shepard to meet him in the com’s room where you are briefed on your mission to Eden Prime a farming colony which has unearthed a Prothean Beacon (the Protheans are a species which vanished 50,000 years ago and their technology is what all the galactic species space faring capability was based upon)

An incoming communication shows Eden Prime under attack thus kicking of the start of an epic journey which will drag you and your party from one end of the galaxy to the other spanning three games and iin my opinion days or weeks of enjoyment (because of course I had to play every class)

Now I would go into iit further but for those who have never played it I don’t want to spoil things

I have high hopes for Mass Effect: Andromeda and given the new galaxy, ship, protagonist I don’t think I’ll be disappointed